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Oz Green Oasis is for you if you would love your natural skincare to be any or all of the following:

💚 Good for you, your loved ones AND the planet!
💚 Proven performers – NO compromising on effectiveness!
💚 Sustainable with proof – NO greenwashing!
💚 Affordable for your budget!
💚 Made by brands that share your values – who you want to make them (such as women-owned companies), how you want them made (from Certified B-corps) or if you want them made in Australia.


The Oz Green Oasis Difference 

Oz Green Oasis is all about making it easy to discover the natural skincare you want! Our unique difference is that we meticulously check every product & verify it has:

Proven performance with ⭐⭐⭐⭐+ star ratings from 50+ consumer reviews and product awards.

🌿Natural plant-based, cruelty-free formulas with healthier ingredients that are gentler on your skin, animals & the planet.

♻️Sustainable product packaging that is recyclable and made from low environmental impact materials.

We transparently share this information on every product page to help you assess performance and sustainability – quickly and easily!

Green & Natural Skincare Tailored to You

We will use our 15 years of skincare expertise to ensure you have a great experience with our natural skincare brands & products – whatever your skin type, preference or season! Contact me to book a free consult.

Our purpose is to make it easy for you to be healthier, naturally beautiful and part of the sustainable solution for a better future in a simple way that feels natural, never imposed or forced. Always staying true to you, without the need to sacrifice performance or spend heaps of money. Now, you can embrace a greener lifestyle and feel good about what you are doing for yourself, your loved ones and the planet. 

Thank you

Thanks for checking out Oz Green Oasis!

My name is Shelby Clark and I am the founder. I am originally from the US, became an Australian citizen decades ago and have had the opportunity to live and work on almost every continent!

In all this change, I have three core truths:

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Oz home 400 x 300

1. Australia is home

From the moment I first arrived in Australia, I knew immediately that I had finally found the place that I would call home!

From the down-to-earth people with a genuine, fun and unique sense of humour to the laid-back lifestyle grounded in nature.

Sydney is actually the place where I have lived the longest in my life & I love it! This is where I feel most comfortable and truly enjoy life’s adventures every day.

2. My magnificent mum is my role model & inspiration

My amazing mum was the kindest, most forgiving and fun person I have known and she showed me how to live with joy and optimism even as we went through some pretty tough times.

She believed in me, regardless of how big my dream was and I learned how to believe in myself.

Even after losing my mum, her wise words live in my heart and she still inspires me to believe that anything is possible and that you can always make a difference.

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3. My passion is the environment

I started my international marketing career with a traditional global company and then discovered I could put my energy and expertise in roles that aligned with my values and contribute to more than just a bottom line.

I have worked with natural sustainable brands around the world to make things better and healthier for people and the planet.

I am passionate about the environment as it feeds my soul and soothes my spirit. The ocean has always given me peace of mind. I can be having an awful day but the moment I am in or near the ocean – all becomes right with the world, which is why I live in Cronulla. It is the closest I could get to the ocean by train as I haven’t owned a car in more than 10 years!

The combination of these three truths led me to create Oz Green Oasis when I was finally able to return home to Australia in 2021 post COVID.

I am excited to launch Oz Green Oasis and highlight these awesome green and natural skincare products to Aussies far and wide so we can all be part of the solution for a better, healthier future and feel better about what we’re doing for ourselves, our families and the planet!

Let’s make things better together & make a difference starting today!

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