Oz Green Oasis has verified that every product in the store has:

  • Natural plant-based, cruelty-free formulas with safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, child and pet safe ingredients.

No products on Oz Green Oasis contain: allergens, caustics, chlorine, coco betaine, bleach, diethanolamine (DEA), dyes, formaldehyde, monoethanolamine (MEA), parabens, perfumes, phosphates, petrochemicals, sodium coco sulphates (SCS), sodium laureth sulfates (SLES), sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), synthetic fragrance, triclosan, triethanolamine (TEA)  or any other known nasty ingredients.

  • Sustainable product packaging made from low environmental impact materials that is recyclable, biodegradable, refillable, repurposed and/or made from post-consumer recycled plastic or from used, recycled and repurposed plastic that is collected from beaches, oceans, land and recycling plants.