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Founded in 1921, Weleda is a certified B Corp and the world's leading manufacturer of holistic, natural, organic cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Weleda manufactures using ethical sourcing and sustainable packaging. Weleda conducts business in a socially responsible and ecologically sound manner. In 1922, their first medicinal herb garden was established in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Today, Weleda cultivates medicinal plants according to the principles of biodynamic farming in their eight Weleda gardens located worldwide.

Since 1926, Weleda Skin Food has been the trusted and effective solution for dry rough skin. Weleda Skin Food has gained a loyal following for its versatility, suitability for all skin types and commitment to using organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. Weleda Skin Food exemplifies the harmonious blend of nature & skincare.

Weleda Baby Calendula products form a comprehensive line of gentle and natural skincare solutions tailored for infants and young children. These products, enriched with the soothing and healing properties of organic calendula extract, provide a nurturing and protective layer for delicate baby skin. Weleda Baby Calendula products are beloved for their gentle and nourishing qualities and their dedication to promoting the well-being of both babies and the environment.

The name Weleda is derived from the Germanic word 'Veleda,' which historically referred to wise, healing women. All Weleda products are NATRUE-certified 100% natural skincare. They strive to use the purest wild-harvested, biodynamic, or organically grown ingredients. Weleda has never tested their products on animals and their formulas are biodegradable, free from microplastics. Additionally, Weleda actively promotes biodiversity & works towards reducing emissions to become a carbon-neutral company.